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Hell in a Fuckbasket...

...that just never gets old

Miss Hell
I like things. Like most people.
23, 28 days later, a really good flogger, alamo drafthouse, alien sex fiend, angelina jolie, animal rescue, avail, ayn rand, b-movies, battlestar galactica, bauhaus, bdsm, beatrix kiddo, big clunky shoes, bjork, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, caramel lattés, caving, chips & queso, cocteau twins, conquering fear, coop, corsetry, creepers, criminalistics, crochet, crying (good tension release), day of the dead, daydreaming, dead alive, dead can dance, death proof, deerhoof, descendents, dolly parton, donnie darko, dry humor, ducky doolittle, duran duran, editing books & copy, ella fitzgerald, evil dead, eyebrows, fetish clothing/photography, fight club, firefly, fixin' stuff, food, foot massages, forensic pathology, forensic science, gardening/landscaping, gary oldman, good licks, grindhouse, guys with full sleeves, hardcore, head massages, hip bones, horror movies, hot tattooed ladies, iggys, inspiring friends, italian greyhounds, jason brooks, kill bill, kung fu, las vegas kitsch, learning every plant's name, learning from my mistakes, lene lovich, leopard print, lillies, lisa gerrard, lust murder box, martial arts, massive attack, medical examiners, michel gondry, mindless self indulgence, minpins, mormons, most precious blood, msi, muscle cars, my kitty, my tiny pooch ripper, my tiny pooch zero, nerding out, neurosis, nick cave, nightmare before christmas, old martial arts flicks, orchids, our lady of guadalupe, parker posey, peggers, plain ol' singing, preacher/ tulip, queso, red vines, refused, revenge, rock of ages tattooing, roundhouse kicks, runes, sandalwood, sarah silverman, sarcasm, selma blair, shaun of the dead, shiny black clothes, sick of it all, singing loudly, siouxsie and the banshees, sitting with plants, skinny puppy, sleeping, sonic youth, spinal tap, sucking a fuck, sugarcubes, swans, sylvia plath, tank girl, tattoos, the descent, the fermata, the first kiss, the sock monkeys, toe suckage, tom waits, toy dogs, trich, true romance, twilight zone, uma, unagi, veronica mars, virgin mary, voyeurism, west ham united, zoe bell, zombies